Saturday, July 08, 2006

Quaker Garden - Day 6

Not the greatest photo, but another update. I'll probably continue working on this until I'm done, as it's an absolute pleasure to stitch and I don't see myself wanting to put it away. I've worked on it every day, but didn't do much at all on Tuesday & Thursday - or today. So it goes to show how quick it is to stitch up.

I was happy to see that Amelie Mauresmo won the ladies Championships at Wimbledon today. I didn't watch the Australian Open, but after hearing what happened there, I thought she really deserved this win more than Justin Henin-Hardenne (who I'm sure will have plenty more opportunities to win Wimbledon - she's a great player). She missed out on the feeling of winning that last point and the tournament at the Australian Open, which she finally got at Wimbledon today.

No offense to my French friends in any way, but I hope the French will be satisfied only with this sporting win this weekend and not anything else (see previous posts). :-)


KarenV said...

Wow Tina, you're really flying through it! It looks gorgeous :)

I'm going to stick with this until I finish it too, with a couple of breaks for other commitments. At any rate, I'm hoping to finish it this month, which seems feasible at the moment.

Nicki said...

You're speeding along! It's looking lovely. It is a great stitch isn't it?

Annemiek said...

Hi Tina,
I just love your progress pic on Quaker Garden, it's a wonderful piece. And wanted to wish you a hopefully interesting and succesfull match this evening. I haven't decided yet who my favorite team will be, but I can guess who yours is :).

bunnyhead said...

Beautiful progress. I love that design.

Leah said...

It seems like everyone is stitching this design except me. ;) Your version is beautiful!!

Lelia said...

Tina: Your QG is moving quickly! You gotta fast needle going :D
I look forward to seeing the next progress pic