Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Good Mail Day!

Did I hear some folk say that they were still waiting on their fabric for the Village of Hawk Run Hollow?

Well, I got mine today! That's the GOOD news. The bad news is, I didn't get the chart or the silks yet! LOL Drema is sending my order in two packages, and the first one arrived today (see stash in the above photo): the rest of it should be in the second package. :-) Not to worry, it wasn't like I was going to start it straight away anyway, and I have plenty new stash to keep me very happy this morning. ;-)

And yes, I'm still celebrating after last nights amazing match. I just saw an interview taken a short time after the match finished last night with the very interesting Boris Becker. He was obviously very disappointed that Germany didn't get through, but was very sporting towards the Italians and said the best team won. Never mind about that, I was wondering where the heck Boris was at Wimbledon this year! He usually does quite a bit of commentary and interviews for the BBC... I should have known! :)

Mia, I've spoken on the phone to some of my relatives in Italy too, and they really are celebrating over there BIG TIME, aren't they?! It couldn't have come at a better time for Italy with everything that's been going on with the football scandals. :-( I can't wait for Sunday!

ETA: Wendy, I got the 40-Count Sand Dune linen for VoHRH. I wasn't going to buy this straight away either, but I broke down after reading all the discussions about it on blogs and the boards. Evil enablers that some people are >:-)


bunnyhead said...

Fabulous stash!

Nicole said...

Good to know about the fabric! I'm hoping I get mail today! :) I love everything you got by the way!! Enjoy your new stash!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Great stash haul there! :D

Wendy said...

Wow - what amazing stash you received! And I'm so jealous - you have ordered Village of Hawk Run Hollow!?! I am so in love with that pattern, its taking all my willpower not to order it straight away.

Which fabric choice did you make? At least you will have it to fondle until you get your charts and silks!

Nicki said...

Nice stash! We seem to have similar tastes - I can see several things there that I have already or are on my wishlist :)

AnneS said...

Great stash haul there ... I love sharing in everyone's spoils, and your have some gorgeous projects in there :D

KarenV said...

You got some great stash Tina! Quaker Stocking is a must-do for me and my Secret Garden chart arrived this week too. I'm still waiting on fabric and chart for the Village though - I ordered 36ct and I think it's going to be a while :(

Sew-in-Love said...

Ciao Concetta!

I hope I have a mail day like that tomorrow.... Some hope!!

Thanks for visiting and 'signing' my blog too.=)


Von said...

Wow! That's worth going to the mailbox to retrieve!! Enjoy it all. :D