Monday, July 10, 2006

World Cup 2006

I've had a busy weekend, and I'm WAY behind on my blog reading. I'll hopefully get the chance over the next couple of days to catch up a bit. Though I don't get any more complete days off until next Tuesday & Wednesday now. This week is probably one of the busiest weeks of the year for me, with the Barclay's Scottish Open golf tournament taking place in Loch Lomond until Sunday.

I'm sure most folk know by now that Italy won the World Cup last night. ;-) And they won on *penalties* of all things: I guess they've been practising. :-) I'm of course very happy they won, but I didn't enjoy the match much after the second half. The first half was fantastic... if the match was based on the first half, Italy deserved to win. Based on the second half I just don't know... Italy were so negative.

The French player Zinedine Zidane was an IDIOT headbutting Marco Materazzi (what was he thinking??). How awful to see him get sent off in the final match of his career. :'( As much as I wanted to see the Italian's win, I was very sad about that, as he's been such a great player. If the final had been the semi-final Italy played against Germany I'd have been MUCH happier. *That* was a match to cheer and get carried away with. The one last night was a bit of an anti-climax.

Well done to the Azzurri, though. They've almost been there many times... this was long overdue, and it couldn't come at a better time for them with the state of the sport in Italy at the moment. :O)

I was going to add some photos (stitching related), but blogger won't let me! Aaargh! I'll try again later, as I don't want to upload them all to Photobucket, though I'll need to if blogger doesn't behave...

ETA: Italy didn't concede a single goal in the entire tournament. The one in the USA game was an own goal, and the one in the final was a (dodgy) penalty. That's pretty impressive, and I think deems them worthy of the championship. :-)

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Laura said...

hello Tina
I was waiting for your comments from is such a plleasure to read that they are italian hearts beating over there!
Now back to cross stitch