Tuesday, July 04, 2006

More Quaker Garden

Oh-my-Gosh, this is stitching up SO quickly, and I really haven't spent all that much time on it today. Not as much as it looks from my last progress pic anyway. I'm absolutely loving it, and it's so cool to know that so many others are stitching on it too. ;-) Can you tell this is the first SAL I've ever joined in on? :-) Thanks again for organising it, Karen! Yours is looking fantastic on the Lakeside Linen fabric.

Well... I don't think I'll be stitching much this evening, with the Italy kick-off at 8pm. I'll be biting my nails all evening, so I think stitching is out!! I have about a dozen relatives coming over to watch it too... it's going to be fun! Mia - I hope you enjoy the match at your in-laws, and they give us something to cheer about. :-)


KarenV said...

Wow, yours is looking lovely Tina! You're really speeding along.

As predicted, I haven't done much on it today. I'm going to put in a few stitches now, but despite the earlier thunderstorm, it's still very sticky and humid here and I'm very tired, so I might have to admit defeat for today.

Nicki said...

Congratulations to Italy!!! They made you wait until the very last minute though for something to cheer about ;)

Quaker Garden is looking lovely and you're just zooming along!