Tuesday, July 04, 2006



That was the best football match EVER!

I was in an absolute state that they'd have to go to penalties (Italy have only ever won ONE penalty shoot-out at the World Cup; Germany have won all BUT one... ), then they score TWO GOALS IN THE LAST FIVE MINUTES!

Yay Nicki! Go you watching it all the way in NZ!!! :) :)

FORZA GLI AZZURRI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(as my dear friend Cilie in Norway sent me an e-mail saying right after the game finished... I couldn't have said it better myself). :) :)

One more match to go!!!!


Nicki said...

LOL! Well, I was working but my DH was watching and when he yelled I knew Italy had scored. He wouldn't be yelling like that for Germany - they've beaten England in football too many times in the past! ;)

Mia said...

Tina, wasn't the game exciting. We watched it here during our July 4th Independence Day in America. The second the game was over, my brother in law hung out his Italian flag. Moments later, his brother called from Italy and said it was absolutely mayhem. Awesome game. I can't wait til next week.

Laura said...

I'm so happy there are many people supporting Italy out there! Forza Azzurri! and now ...one more game and it is against France!

Concetta I had a look at your album...your works are wonderful!