Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Olympics!

Champions: Chris Hoy (centre) celebrates GB's team sprint gold with Jamie Staff (left) and Jason Kenny.

I've read on a few blogs how there was a lack of excitement in the lead up to the Olympic Games this time around. I felt exactly the same. I didn't even watch it the first couple of days. Then I started watching some events, and BOY did I get hooked FAST!

I am so happy and excited that Team GB has been doing SO well. Currently 15 Gold medals (31 medals total) and 3rd on the medals table. Our best Olympics in how long? (well before my lifetime anyway!)

But I'm most proud and excited for out Scot, Chris Hoy, who just won his third Gold at these Games... The first British man Brit (ETA either male or female - my mistake!) in 100 years to win 3 Golds in a single Olympic Games.

Maybe I should have posted this at the end of the Games, but I got so excited when CH won that Gold there! ;-P GO CHRIS!!

I'm going to be sad when it ends, but I'll be counting down the days for London 2012!!


Paula said...

I'm really enjoying the olympics too. Chris Hoy has done so well.

karenv said...

Aren't we doing great?! I've really been into the cycling, loved watching Chris, Jason and Victoria this morning!

Cheryl said...

Great post! I love the Olympics, team GB have been great this year...about time we had some great sporting success to celebrate :)

Laura_sc said...

It compliments your olympic athletes and compliments to you for yours you work to point cross dall' Italy!!!

J Rae said...

We've been enjoying the games in our house as well. I've been stitching away on my "Olympic project" and as I watched the closing ceremonies tonight I am already trying to think of what project I will pick for the next games.

~Julie~ said...


Congratulations, Great Britain, on a job well done!!!!!!!!!!!!! How fantastic for them, and awe-inspiring too! Talented kidz!

~Julie in USA~

Stitchingranny said...

Was it my imagination or did it seem to be all over so quickly this time. I am sure the length must be fixed and that it was not cut short - maybe it was because for the first time I can remember I was actually interested lol. Well done to everyone who took part you did our country proud.

Littleflame said...

Just a sweet hello~