Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Mini Mystery Mandala I

I haven't stitched a whole lot this past week (the sun is shining in Scotland! Gotta make the most of that when it happens, y'know?!), so I unfortunately don't have any progress photos of Where My Heart Blooms to share this time. I did stitch on it a wee bit, but not enough to really justify taking a new photo.

I do have a wee progress photo to share, though. Of the new Mini Mystery Mandala I by Chatelaine. I'm stitching this one with DMC instead of the NPI silks. I started it on 1 April when the first instalment was released, but I only got so far, as I had to wait on the specialty threads to arrive... they finally arrived at the end of last month, so I resumed stitching and I'm working on Part 2 now too. No beads yet - I always leave those to the end.

Anne was asking what fabric I'm stitching the Little House Needleworks Coffee series on. It's Vintage Country Mocha Belfast linen. I also used that fabric for The Old West. I love it for Little House Needlework Designs and as it's a regular Belfast Linen, it works out a lot cheaper than the hand dyeds too.


Nicki said...

That looks lovely :) All those mini mandela designs are so pretty :)

Karoline said...

Mini Mandella is looking lovely

Sandra Ree said...

Looks great! :)

karenv said...

Your Mandala start is really pretty! :)

Giovanna said...

That's coming along beautifully, Concetta! I also have this pattern, still waiting for supplies - and I'll also replace the NPIs. Looks like fun. Thanks for the inspiration!

Carla said...

Mini Mandala looks fantastic!

Redwitch said...

The Mandala is looking very pretty, nice gold highlights :)

Hang on to that nice weather for me!

Einschies blog said...

have you added a new counter to your blog? If so, it´s me, your first visitor at the moment;-)

The Mandala looks great as all your stitching does:-)


~Julie~ said...

Hi Concetta! You haven't a clue who I am...sorry. lol I found your blog on one of the blog directories! =)

Absolutely GORGEOUS stitching--and I especially like those coffee pieces by LHN that you've done. Just fantastic! Thank you for sharing!