Sunday, November 12, 2006

Bad Blogger!

Still Here!

Yes, I'm still alive. I thought I should put in a wee post today while I had the chance, it's been way too long. :) I've been catching up with friends lately and doing other nice things (other than working all the time!). After the busy spring and summer I had due to work it was difficult to see too many friends regularly.

A local friend of mine is having a jewellery party at her new house on Friday. The jewellery is Bohemia Jewellery created by another dear friend of ours, Debbie (who I've known since our first year of high school) and her friend Kary. Their handmade jewellery is absolutely gorgeous! They're going to start selling online in the very near future too and are available to do parties in the Glasgow/Central Scotland area.

I'm so happy that it's going so well for them. And no wonder when their creations are so beautiful! I tried to take some photos of my Bohemia Jewellery stash but they did no justice to the pieces at all, so I'll leave you with a photo of one of their fancy boxes instead... ;-)


I've still been stitching, but only a wee teeny tiny bit (most) evenings and only on the one project for the past couple of weeks. So here is my progress on Village of Hawk Run Hollow. I finished up on Square 2 and oh-my-GOSH what a lot of stitching that was... I didn't think it was ever going to end!

I think I needed a bit of a break from stitching, TBH. I did a LOT of stitching over the spring and summer to fill in gaps during the day while I was working all those long hours. So of course because of that I haven't had any stitching photos to share, and as this is mainly a stitching blog, I thought it would be a bit dull of me to post with no stitching progress pics. ;-) SO I'm happy to finally have one to share!

Internet Shopping

An update on this sorry story. My credit card company graciously refunded the payment (so I'm not out anything), and they're now chasing PayPal for the money (who I assume is going to therefore chase up the company). So that's good, but I would rather something be done about the awful company (a.k.a. Diana Tharpe of Stitcher's Dream in Texas) who quite happily lied to me and stole the money in the first place. Ugh.

Moral of the story: ALWAYS use a credit card for Internet purchases if it's possible. Don't rely on PayPal to get the money back for you, even if you play by their rules (e.g. make the complaint within the 40 days etc..). Be careful if you're using funds from your PP account to make a purchase - only do that if it's a company you trust. Unless you're protected by a credit card, if the seller/company has emptied their PP account out you've had it if you're making a claim and they're dishonest.

I've been using the Internet for 12 years and making purchases on the 'net for nearly as long, and I've rarely had any problems (knock on wood). I was one of the unlucky ones that had my credit card information stolen from a glitch in the system of DVD Pacific a few years back. I had quite a number of unauthorised charges due to that, but of course, the CC company put that straight, and I got a new card sent out. It happens. Maybe I've been lucky, but I've also always used a bit of common sense and protected myself using a credit card. I should also add that DVD Pacific is a great company who I still order from and have no problems with...


Other than that, I've been really enjoying November (to think, it used to be one of my least favourite months of the year!) I'm also almost DONE with my Christmas shopping! Woohoo! I still need to get something for Steve and my brother and I think that's about it other than a few bits and pieces. Though I already have a good idea what I'm getting them, so no problems there. :)

Hopefully it won't be as long till I blog again!


Sue said...

Your Village looks marvelous. I'm stitching that one too, I'm almost finished with block #3, which has been the most intense block for me so far. I'll be glad to be on Block #4, which may be next week if I don't put it away due to Christmas stitching that needs to be done.

elenamac said...

Welcome back Tina, I miss you!! everyday i'm try to see if you've update but nothing news since now!!!

KarenV said...

Nice to see you back again Tina - I've missed you too! Glad that you've been having fun and catching up with friends :)

Love your progress on VoHRH - I'm still stitching Block 2 *cough, cough* I did pick it up again yesterday and have made a bit more progress, but I agree, that block is never-ending LOL!

Glad you got your money back from the SD fiasco. I've heard about a few people who have had problems with this seller - what a nerve she has!

Wendy said...

So nice to read your blog again, Tina. Please keep in touch, even if its not stitching-related! You are missed!!

Nicki said...

Lovely to see you! I'm glad you're enjoying your quieter time of year :)

The stitching looks beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Good to hear from you again, Tina!

Love how your Village is looking!

bunnyhead said...

That is a box that begs to be opened if I ever saw one! I hope your purchase nightmare ends for your soon.

Carol said...

VOHRH looks fantastic!!! Yikes, you are still going through misery with that shop! I think I told you before that I had problems with her too over a year ago. I cannot believe she is still in business... or is she even still in business now?? Geesh!

stitcherw said...

Welcome back. Houses is looking great! That second one really does look like a dense stitch, no wonder it took you a while.

lena-lou said...

Lovely progress on VOHRH, it does look a very intense block. Glad you are more sorted from the nightmare on-line store now. I bet it feels good to have caught up with friends again properly :-)
Have a good week

Sharon said...

Hi Tina, I wondered what you were up to. Life just gets in the way sometimes-glad your back! VOHRH is looking good-I am always in awe of the stitcher's that tackle these projects. I saw your Christmas tree on the Needlecraft Corner site!