Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Wonderful & Dreadful Online Stitching Stores

I received a wonderful package from Needlecraft Corner today. I'm sure I've mentioned Needlecraft Corner before. It's my most favourite Online Stitching store par none. There are always great sales on, but what makes this store so wonderful to me is the customer care and attention you receive. Drema (the owner) is one of the nicest people you could ever meet. They will go out of their way to order things in for you, have them sent exactly the way you want, etc.. They must make notes in all their customers files to help them remember how we all like to have our orders shipped -- e.g. for me, if it's a medium/large order I always, always prefer to have it shipped Global Priority, for safety (and it doesn't hurt that it gets here so quickly either!); but if it's a smaller (in size and expense too) order then Air Mail does. :)

I've been fortunate not to have had too many bad experiences with Online Stitching Stores, but unfortunately my luck ran out this summer when I had the misfortune of ordering from Diana Tharpe of Stitcher's Dream in Texas.

Long story short: ignored e-mails, then followed by obvious lies, ended in me being forced to initiate a PayPal chargeback as a refund was not forthcoming. This concluded in my favour this past weekend, but unfortunately they were "unable to recover any funds from the seller's account". What does this mean? I'm out $35, as I doubt very much that Diana Tharpe is going to refund the money she has taken stolen or send the item that I ordered in early July.

It's *truely* not the money that makes me upset, it's the fact that people can get away with this... do they not even have a conscience? It's a shame too, because it's put me off ordering from smaller stores that I haven't heard a great deal about.

Drema's package came at exactly the right time, as I was feeling quite down about the whole dreadful experience earlier this week.

This definitely put a smile on my face, which arrived with a sweet note:


I thought I deserved a stitching treat after working so hard all summer! That Picture This Plus linen is to die for! It's not something I'd have found any other use for I don't think, but it's perfect for that Christmas Tree design.

Leslie: the only two colours you need to worry about running out of with Halloween Fairy are the Black Coffee and Dandelion Stem. I think I JUST have enough of the Black Coffee, but it won't be a disaster if I run out, as I can easily use a dark brown shade of DMC for the backstitching, wings, etc.. there's not enough variegation (in the dye lot I got anyway) for it to make a difference. Dandelion Stem on the other hand would definitely be a problem. I've only just started using it for the wings, but I can already tell that it'll be unlikely I'll have enough. I luckily have another skein of this in my stash (which was for another project), and the dye lot looks to be the same. Definitely watch out for that, though.

Nicki: fantastic you'd like to do a Mira SAL at some point! :) I'll let you know what I have in my stash... I'd be really happy to do any of the ones you've mentioned really! I got Autumn In My Garden today from Drema too. ;-)

Don't be impressed at me doing Rainbow Ride at such a young age. Did you see those huge blocks of colours?! It was VERY easy! :) I tried to stitch Angel Procession a year or two later, and it sadly had to go in the bin! (I think that's the only cross stitch project I've ever had to literally throw away) LOL


Kali said...

Thats awful about the store in Texas! I've had that happen live and in person with a shop that was supposed to sihp me something that never appeared (i was out of town traveling) I was thankful I never paid her with as bad as the service was I got there. Hope you have better luck in the future.

Joyus said...

I second the recommendation of Drema at Needlecraft Corner, I've never had anything but excellent service from her.

Bummer about the awful service and that you ended up out of pocket.

That's a marvelous haul of stash and I'm quite jealous (especially of the linen, its gorgeous :D)

Leah said...

Sorry to hear that you had such a bad experience with an ONS. I'll be sure to never order from there.

Wow, your order from Needlecraft Corner is huge! I bet there's lots of fondling going on at your house now. ;)

~Harsha~ said...

Drema is definitely the best! Unable to recover the funds? Means she withdrew the $$ already... sheeesh!

KarenV said...

Sorry you had such a bad experience and were unable to recover your money - that's terrible! I don't know how people can do that sort of thing either.

Drema is great, isn't she? What fabulous stash, that linen is gorgeous, such a vibrant Christmassy red. I'm very jealous, since I'm on the Wagon at the moment, so I can only get my stash fixes through other people's photos LOL ;)

lena-lou said...

What a brill stash haul, I agree the linen is a lovely colour. I'm glad it cheered you up arriving after the disaster with the other shop...nightmare huh!! Halloween Fairy is looking good :-) I wish I would have the patience for large projects, but sadly I have not got that or the time at the moment...I dream of one day :-))

Anonymous said...

That's appalling that shop would do that!!

Fab stash haul from Drema though - I bet that cheered you up!

zoeandcooper said...

wow your haul looks amazing. I hope that it makes up for your bad experience with the Texas shop.

Carol said...

Oh no! I had problems with Stitcher's Dream a good year or so ago! I can't believe she is still in business. I won my PayPal dispute and was lucky get my money... shame on her! I like Drema too, but she won't take PayPal :-)

bunnyhead said...

OMG, what a huge stash pile... ~*drool*~

Amy said...

You've been getting some amazing pretties lately! Lucky girl! What an aweful tale about the Texas store :o

Beautiful progress on your Halloween fairy! It puts me in the fall mood!

AnneS said...

Great stash haul - sorry to hear about your bad experience with the other store ... thanks for reminding me about Needlecraft Corner too - I'd forgotten about them! :)

Paula said...

Thats a great stash haul. Drema's great to order from. Halloween fairy is looking lovely.

elenamac said...

I've order two time last year from Stitcher's Dream in Texas and i'vent had any problem received my fabrics and i can say the fabric was excellent and both the time i've received counting pins for gift in the packet.
I'm sorry you've had some trouble with her and at last i'll hope you can have the money back to you as soon!
Your new packet look stunning!!!

I'm still offline till 25th september!


Sue said...

What a nice mail order. You have me drooling over the stash you received. Sorry to hear about your bad on-line experience, but glad you have other ways to get your stuff.

Eleni said...

Sorry to read about your bad experience Tina ... unfortunately that's the downside to the Internet ...

Glad you got a package that you liked ... loads of stuff there ... sure to keep you busy for a while!!! :-)

Trish said...

I love Needlecraft Corner too! I've had nothing but GREAT service from them. Thanks for the warning about Stitcher's Dream - they are obviously a nightmare and I'll be sure to warn my friends as well.

That was an amazing stash haul!!! I'm glad it raised your spirits!


RĂ³sa said...

I haven't tried Needlecraft Corner but will surely be giving them a look-see. Especially with the recommendations they're getting.

I'm sorry for your bad experience with that Texas store. It is quite awful that people can do this sort of thing and seemingly not feel anything!

And that stash!!! Oh my! I'd love to roll around in that ;-)

Sharon said...

Love the stash-you are right the pic plus fabric would be great the Christmas tree. It's a shame you had such a bad experience with the Texas shop.

I don't understand why it is so hard for people to do right! I love Drema too-love the sales too. Needle Craft Corner is good to do business with.

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