Sunday, September 03, 2006

Old & New Projects

Thank you for all the lovely comments on Petal Fairy everyone. :) I appreciate them so much.

As for what I'm going to work on next... Well, I started a new project this weekend: the Victoria Sampler's Heart's Secret by Cathy Jean. It's a very cute project that hopefully shouldn't take too long to complete. I'm having a hard time getting used to the very weird blends the chart calls for, though. Don't get me wrong, I've done my fair share of blends (read Teresa Wentzler), but blending variegated overdyed silks (Gloriana) is just really strange to me, especially colours as vibrant as this!

I told myself that I wouldn't start a new Mirabilia until I finished Petal Fairy, so I may have a new start soon now that she's done. I'm a little undecided as to which, but the favourite at the moment is Stargazer. I still have Deco Spirits as a WIP too, and I want to work on that a little over the next week or two. I started it 2 years ago and I absolutely LOVE it, I don't know why I've only finished the first block! I've started a little on the second block too, so it should be easy to get back into. I took a photo of the Earth block that I've completed:

The one thing about Deco Spirits that you can never tell from any photos is how much it sparkles. There is a ton of Kreinik used (I switched to #4 and Petite Treasure Braid). It's really stunning. This is a fairly big project, but as it's 4 separate blocks (Earth, Air, Water & Fire) you get to have a mini happy dance when you complete each one. :) If you're a stitcher you know how important having a happy dance (even if it's only a mini one) is! :))

Then of course I have Village of Hawk Run Hollow calling out to me too. I haven't touched it since I finished the first block... I also really need to work on finishing Gloria by The Silver Lining, as I want to get it finished and framed in time for Christmas, for nonna.

So I have lots to keep me busy. I'm trying very hard not to start lots of new projects, no matter how tempted I am. I love almost all of my WIPs, so I should show them the attention they deserve. ;-)


Jean Phelps said...

I have never seen Deco Spirts before, it is so unusual, you can sort of see a shiny glow, but yes you have lots to keep you busy as you spend some time for you!

Sue said...

Your stitching is lovely. I'm not familiar with Deco Spirits either. You have some nice WIP going.

Susan said...

That's an unusual piece! It looks lovely!

Carol said...

Ah, the sweet indecision of not knowing what to start next :-)

I'm having such troubles with your blog lately - it hangs and then I have to click some button about scripts or something like that.. strange... is is beta blogger? I'm not having great luck with that.

KarenV said...

The VS piece is very sweet, but I've never heard of blending overdyed silks before. Still, I'm sure it will look wonderful :)

Deco Spirits is looking lovely so far!

Michelle said...

Love your Deco piece. I bet it is sparkly. I have the same issue you do, I have so many pieces I'd love to stitch on! Can't wait to see what you decide to work on next.

Wendy said...

I love Mirabilia patterns and I usually have one on the go as a WIP (including now only its become more of a UFO :-(

I bought Deco Spirits when I saw it done as a bellpull and was absolutely gorgeous in person. One of these days soon,its going to be added to my WIP pile.

Cindy said...

I had never heard of Deco Spirits until now, very interesting piece. You done a fantastic job.

I am looking foward to seeing the Heart's Secret piece. It will be loveley, especially with the work you do!