Sunday, July 23, 2006

Stitching Plans!

Thanks to everyone for your lovely comments on Quaker Garden, I appreciate them very much. :-) Lots of people are finishing up on this lately... it's fun to see!

Just to show that I actually stitched on Winter into Spring a wee bit last week:

But I have to admit that I'm fed up with it again. :-( I manage to get a few hours work done on it and this always happens... I end up not picking it up again for months. :'( Ach well... one of these days I *will* get it finished...

I think I'm going to start Quaker Meetinghouse this week. It's calling out to me! ;-) As is the Village of Hawk Run Hollow... I'm very tempted to start that too! I also feel like picking up Petal Fairy and doing a little bit of work on her, as it's been a while. Let's see how I go!


zoeandcooper said...

Sorry to hear that you are fed up with this piece, but it sounds like you have tons of other fun things waiting in the wings:) It is pretty so far though.

KarenV said...

Winter into Spring is looking very pretty Tina! I know what you mean though - some projects you can only stitch on for short bursts at long intervals ;)

About Quaker Meetinghouse - I have this in my stash and I'm just waiting on the threads for it, although they're on backorder at Stitching Bits and Bobs so goodness knows how long they'll be. Anyway, I wondered if you wanted to hang on and we could perhaps SAL on this together in a few weeks?

If you're dying to get on with it, then that's fine :) I'm sure I shall enjoy your progress and it will spur me on to start mine when I have the supplies. What fabric are you thinking of using?

Laura said...

Oh, that daffodil is so pretty! And the border is lovely. I hope you are able to get over your reluctance and stitch more on this piece. It's very pretty so far.