Monday, July 24, 2006

Quaker Meetinghouse SAL

Karen, I'd love to do a SAL on Quaker Meetinghouse. I put in some stitches last night (only a few of the letters), but I'll put it away now and wait for you. It'll give me the excuse to definitely start VoHRH this week instead - I can live with that! ;-P I'm doing QM on Kiwi Illusions Tussock Belfast. I was thinking of a higher count, but I had this in my stash and really liked it. First time I've used Crescent Colours and they're so nice to stitch with (much nicer than GAST and WDW I think)... and I love the Tartan Plaid colour (nothing to do with being Scottish either!) I'm thinking of buying some more of this for some other designs. :) What about you, have you decided on a fabric for it yet?

Signing off with Snoopy, seeings as I don't have any new stitching photos to share! Poor Snoopy - second to stitching!!


KarenV said...

Great! Thanks Tina :)

I could actually make a start, because I have one skein of Tartan Plaid, but I ordered 2 more skeins to get a matching dye lot, so I think I'll wait until they arrive.

I didn't think of using Tussock, but it's a nice choice :) I have a piece in my stash, but I've just done a toss with the TP and Bamboo (the other 2 colours are on order) and I think I'm going to go for Silkweaver's Heritage Belfast.

I'll let you know when the threads arrive - as of today, they're still on backorder. It'll probably be an August start, if that's OK, because we're on holiday for a couple of weeks starting this Thursday and I don't think the threads will arrive until next week at the absolute earliest anyway.

Snoopy looks really cute in that photo, BTW :)

Nicki said...

Love that photo of Snoopy - such a pretty face! :)

Jean said...

Ah, Snoopy he looks like contemplative, wonder what he's thinking..

tkdchick said...

What a beautiful kitty face!

Joanie said...

Snoopy is just a cutie! What an expression!

Post your progress on Quaker Meeting House and I love your Quaker Garden finish!

elenamac said...

I love this photo!!
Meow from my sweet Noè!!!


Elena & Noè ( the cat)

Tanya said...

Oh my gosh - Snoopy is darling!!!