Sunday, July 02, 2006

Sport and a wee bit of Snoopy

Yesterday was a big sports day in our house, with big matches played in both Wimbledon and The World Cup.

It didn't start too well with Andre Agassi going out in the Third round at Wimbledon. :( I thought it was nice that they broke with tradition (which they very rarely do at Wimbledon) and let Sue Barker interview him in front of the crowd on centre court after the match. His matches over the years have been among my favourites to watch. None of that "big serving" stuff which has been dominating the game since the early 1990's, which while I appreciate takes a lot of skill, is not fun to watch. Who can forget when he won the tournament in 1992? Wimbledon won't be the same without him.

The only "good" thing about the match, was that he timed the ending well. Approx. 10 minutes before the England-Portugal kick off. ;-) Sadly that didn't go well either with England going out in penalties. As soon as I heard the words penalty shootout I knew what was going to happen anyway. England are absolutely pathetic at taking penalties at that stage. Italy come a close second (so here's hoping they won't have to go to a PS in their semi-final against Germany on Tuesday!)

We then turned over to find that Andy Murray [I'll insert in here that he's Scottish *grin*] had won the first set from two-time Wimbledon runner-up Andy Roddick!! He quickly won the second set; then I was in trouble: continue watching the Murray/Roddick game or turn over to watch Brazil v France to see who would go through to the semi-final? I had to stay with the Murray game being a Scot and all. And Brazil were bound to go through anyway, right?

Murray won in three straight sets! Woo-Hoo! He must stand a great chance now of at least going through to the Quarter Finals. Brazil didn't do as well... the favourites out of the World Cup in the Quarter Finals with France beating them 1-0. Who would have known?! France had barely made it through to the second round, whereas Brazil had sailed through as expected.

What a day. Thank goodness days like this only come around once every 4 years, mind you. ;-) Watching sport on the telly all day would leave you with little time to do much else!

So that this entry isn't all about sport! This was Snoopy on the first day we brought him home from the animal home: he was approx. 8 weeks old. How evil does the wee man look in this photo???

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This is a more recent photo of him from last week (he's now 2-years-old):

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He looks very posh in this one. He still has psychotic tendencies if he doesn't get his own way, though. >:-)

And I'm all set to start the Quaker Garden SAL tomorrow! :)


Susimac said...

Isn't he soooo handsome, he's lovely. I've missed most of the tennis this year, but will try and watch this week.

AnneS said...

That first photo of Snoopy is an absolute crack-up! He's a beautiful looking cat, and definitely looks rather regal in the 2nd photo :D

an_drea said...

Hi Concetta,
I've discovered your blog today and I think it's great!
I love its design, your cross stitch works, and you cat it's so cutie, od course!!

Congratulations for your blog I'll visite it often.

See you!

KarenV said...

Go Andy Murray! He played superbly well against Roddick. Sad to see Agassi go out though...

Looking forward to tomorrow - I wish it wasn't so hot though. It's making stitching a bit of a challenge.

Nicki said...

Yes, good for Andy Murray! Not that I get to see any of it unless I want to get up in the middle of the night!

Snoopy is beautiful. But he does look a little like a vampire kitten! Very cute!

zoeandcooper said...

Your pics of Snoopy brought back some wonderful memories for me. He looks exactly like my first cat, Popcorn. He is very handsome:)

bunnyhead said...

What a beautiful cat! I love the baby picture :) I can't get my cat to sit still for a picture unless she's asleep.

Sew-in-Love said...

Love your puss pix, Concetta!

Ciao, Elisabeth
Leeds, UK=)