Saturday, June 10, 2006

Works In Progress

Some progress on Springtime Roses. Time to put it away for a little while now, though. I was thinking of trying to complete one of my over-1 WIPs (H&ED Silver Branch QS or The Silver Lining's Gloria), as I haven't worked on them in over six months. I also have a graduation piece to do for a good friend of mine who's just finished uni this month. I chose The Sweetheart Tree's Graduation Announcement for him. I'm not a huge fan of TST usually. There are a few of their designs that I really like - e.g. B is for Bunny; C is for Cat; D is for Dog; and I also have Busy Bee Sampler and Celtic Cross in my stash, but most of the designs use too much backstitching for me to even contemplate attempting them. They're beautiful designs, but I know they'd become UFO's because of the backstitching.

This is how far I am on Silver Branch QS:

and Gloria:

Both are on 28-Count Quaker Cloth linen (the nicest fabric I've come across for over-1 stitching).


KarenV said...

I love visiting your blog, you always have something lovely to look at! All your WIPs look gorgeous - I love the colours in the Chatelaine and Silver Branch is amazing in its detail.

Karen said...

I'm so happy you commented on my blog--because it made me look at yours, too, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE Silver Branch! What lovely WIPs!!