Sunday, April 11, 2010

Green Tree & The Violet Sampler Finishes

** Just to mention, I'll do a "drawing" for the CHS pattern this Sunday (18th) :-) Thanks for your nice comments. **

Has is really been almost three months since I was here last? That definitely deserves a "yikes!" I guess I've been stitching less than I thought. :-) Which is no wonder really now that I think about everything that's been happening this year so far... and our busy time of the year is only just starting too.

I have still been stitching, though! I finished Green Tree by Carriage House Samplings this weekend, and that motivated me to get onto the blog and UPDATE. Even if it's going to be short!

Green Tree by Carriage House Samplings
Fabric: R&R 40-Count Sheep's Straw Linen
Converted to Vikki Clayton silks.

Lovely Nicki passed this chart onto me after she had finished with it (thanks again Nicki). I'd love to pass it on to someone else now that I've stitched it... so please leave a comment if you'd like the chart.

I also finally finished The Violet Sampler by The Drawn Thread. This ended up taking longer than it should have, because I ran out of one of the silks and then had to wait for it to ship from the US... The sampler sadly got chopped in the scanner - didn't quite fit!

The Violet Sampler by The Drawn Therad
(scan without the beads/charms)
Fabric: 32-Count Amethyst (Lakeside Linens)
Converted to Vikki Clayton silks.

I attempted to take some photos after I stitched on the beads/charms. NOT good. I definitely need some photography lessons! Why can't I take decent photos of stitching on darker fabrics?

Very bad Photos!! ;-)

Now it's time to run back out to the garden... making the most of the lovely weather while it's here!


Maggie said...

Both your finishes are beautiful!

I'd love to have a chance at stitching CHS Green Tree if your still considering passing this one on.
Happy Stitching x

Kathy said...

Sure, I'd love to stitch it and pass it along to someone else, especially since Carriage House designs are coming to an end.

CindyMae said...

Both pieces are just simply lovely. Wonderful work!

Aussie Stitcher said...

Your finishes look wonderful. I would love a chance to stitch Green Tree, it is a fabulous design.

Giovanna said...

Both finishes are beautiful, congratulations! Dark-background pieces are very difficult to photograph in my experience, so you did great with those shots.

I'd love to be included in the GT draw, please. And it's great to see you pop up again in blogland :-)

mainely stitching said...

Everything looks wonderful, Tina! Both are lovely pieces. :D

Suzanne said...

Good to hear from you! Your stitching looks beautiful. I would love to stitch Green Tree.

Siobhan said...

Wow, both finishes are fantastic, Tina!! I don't think I've seen the DT before--lovely!

Thao (chinawiteATaolDOTcom) said...

Please post more often! I returned to stitching after finding your blog and love your work. Thank you for the CHS drawing.

Karen said...

Both are beautiful. I esp. like Green Tree. I nominated you for a blog award. See my blog for details.

Karoline said...

Both pieces are gorgeous, congratulations

Nicki said...

I missed your post somehow! :) So pleased you liked Green Tree - isn't it a lovely thing to stitch? It looks great. And so does your Drawn Thread finish!

elenamac said...

It's long time not stop here and wowhoo your latest finish are both wonderful, but my fav it's Green Tree it's really loveley!Congratulation for your works!


acereta said...

Beautiful finishes!

Barb said...

Hi Just found you and see you are offering the Green Tree chart.Please may I have a chance to win it as ,I am stitching a "bird" wall and I have tried to get the chart here in the UK with no success. Love your work and thanks for considering me.
Hugs from UK

Jeanne said...

Beautiful finishes!! The Violet Sampler has been in my stash for MANY did a wonderful job on it and I love the purple linen. Congratulations!

cross stitch kits said...

the violet sampler is very beautiful, I love the colour of the fabric and stitching of course :-)

Anonymous said...

beautiful finishes you have done, I do love the Green Tree one I stitched this one this year too

I love your blog and will visit again soon

Best Wishes for the New Year x