Sunday, June 29, 2008

A Pennsylvania Christmas Sampler

I've admired this design by The Goode Huswife for a looooong time. So when the chart (which has been OOP for a while) came through my letterbox last weekend I had to start it right away. The reason I haven't stitched quite as much as I should have, is because I decided that the blue I'd initially chosen for it didn't work (it was something I had in my stash - I didn't want to buy the blue I should have chosen and wait for it to arrive!) Big mistake! I ended up buying the NPI from Sew & So, and bless them, it arrived just 48 hours after I ordered it. So after ripping out the wrong blue, I'm very happy with the new one. :-)

And as I don't have much stitching to show, a meme to fill up some space...

Where were you 10 years ago?
Finishing off uni and working P/T at British Telecom (International Operator). The Call Centre was a 10 minute walk from the house - I had it good!

Five things on your to do list for today.

I'm waiting for guests to arrive, so while I do that (and won't be able to venture far from the house)....

1) Catch up on my weekly accounts (Sunday is my day to do that).
2) Answer some e-mails and write a couple of letters (work related).
3) Laundry (someone has to do it!)
4) Fit some stitching in (I'd better!)
5) Watch the Euro 2008 Final later on this evening (despite no Italy :( )

Exciting day, huh?

Snack foods I like.
Hmmmm there are lots that I "like" I'm sure ;-) Ice cream is good in the summer and I also love fresh fruit salads (in the summer). Currently I also have a thing for almond croissants - I've only just discovered them and they're very yummy!

If I were a billionaire.

I'd need to think about what I'd like to do long term (if I wasn't going to "work"): definitely travel, take classes for "fun", share with family and friends. But I'd give most of it away (to good causes) - who the heck needs that amount of money?

Places I’ve lived.

Although I've stayed in Italy for large chunks of time when I was younger (two months was the longest I think), I've only ever really lived in Scotland.

People I want to know more about

Anyone who cares to fill this out... Please leave me a message if you do!


karenv said...

Ooh, I love your start! The fabric works really well :)

Jenn said...

You've made a good start. I'm sorry you had to start over again but, at least you didn't get to far before you did that.

Barbara said...

This is gorgeous. I love this design. And thanks for the tip on waiting for the right blue - I'd have been VERY tempted to use something out of my stash!

Karoline said...

Nice start, it's looking lovely

Stitchingranny said...

It certainly looks good so I have to assume it was worth the wait for the lovely blue colour.

A billionaire - completely beyond my imagination, think I could have difficulties coping with millionaire but I wouldnt mind finding out lol.

Itching To Stitch said...

Great start ;)

staci said...

Beautiful start, I love the colors and fabric together!

~Julie~ said...

It looks like you're off to a lovely start on your Christmas project! It seems the charts I like the most are usually the ones that came out long before I started stitching; they're OOP. LOL!

I can't wait to see your progress on this, Concetta. So is really a lovely piece! I don't think I'm going to click on any links--I'd rather be surprised at each update you post! I don't want to see the 'finished result' yet!=)


cathymk said...

Just gorgeous, Tina

Anonymous said...

Lovely start! Don't you just love Sew & So's service? Their packages reach me in no time even here in Italy.

Ruth Rachel Vendsel said...

Beautiful work! I love Goode Huswife, and they are getting harder to find.

Walking to work would be a dream!

Sandra Ree said...

Can't wait to see this finished! Loved your answers, I was tagged with similar questions not too long ago. :)

NCPat said...

You have some very lovely pieces on your blog....thanks for the tour!

Asta said...

Its looks very nice and beautiful!

Anonymous said...

its looking good are you framing it or making it in to something?looking great