Tuesday, April 03, 2007

A HD & a couple of WIPs....

I started Gloria by The Silver Lining in November 2005 and finally finished it at the weekend. Stitched mostly with Anchor thread 1 over-1 on White Quaker Cloth.

For you Silver Lining guru's out there shaking your head in disgust. Would you believe it if I said the right side leaves just blew off? All these high winds in Scotland - you take your eyes off something for a SECOND and look back and it's gone!

OK, OK... Nonna's birthday is on 8 May, and I need to get it framed before then. It was never going to happen if I'd had to do those other leaves, trust me! I thought it looked just fine without them. I'd have plodded on otherwise. It's taught me that big over-1 projects aren't for me, though. I had all these plans to do a large Heaven and Earth Design too... Yeah, that's not going to happen. :) I'm still going to do another of their (HAED) Quick Stitches at some point to go with the one I've already done, though.

I thought these photos were a laugh and had to share. I was finishing off the backstitching when Snoopy noticed that I had my camera out. He did make me smile, the attention seeking wee pest!

I have another few Works in Progress to share too. This is Heart in Hand's Monthly Mania.

I'm doing these as a long bellpull after finding the perfect linen band for it. It almost didn't fit, though. I'm pulling out the inside running stitch (?) on the fabric as I go along, which has worked out really well.

I also started the Drawn Thread's Birth Band yesterday for my cousin who had a baby girl on Friday (30/03).

My Scottish cousin no less, so I actually get to see this baby! :) Rita was two weeks early and had to have a c-section, but they're both doing great. Beautiful baby is called Serena. :)

What a nightmare trying to get a decent photo of this on the white linen! So apologies for the poor photo. Even the scan I tried was a mess. I'll have to practise before my next update.

One of my best friends is due any day now too. I'm not sure what I'm going to stitch for them yet. I have a few things that I could start right away (e.g. Just Nan's Baby Garden)... but we'll see. I'm absolutely loving stitching the Birth Band though, I may even do this one again.

Snoopy trying to catch some sun again (I can't blame the poor wee thing to be honest, he hasn't seen much sun since last summer!)

He's chilling out on the rug as I type - because yes, you've guessed it, that's where the sun is shining now. :)

Happy Easter everyone!


Anonymous said...

What a lovely update! Your finish is just beautiful - pesky high winds! ;) I'm sure your nonna will love it.

Nice progress on your other WIPs too - they all look wonderful, especially the birth band :) Congratulations to your cousin - coincidentally, DH's cousin had a baby girl (her second child) on Friday - on the bathroom floor, no less! Apparently mother and baby are doing fine.

{{Hugs}} to you and give Snoopy a cuddle for me too.

Anonymous said...


What a gorgeous design! And Snoopy's just so cute!


Christine said...

What a gorgeous finish!! Congrats!! I like your WIPs, too and your cat is too darn cute!

Redwitch said...

The rose looks lovely, would never have guessed the leaves had blown off ;) Snoopy is a cutie and your attic room looks a lovely place to stitch. Congrats on the new baby in the family and your WIPs look fab. :)

stitcherw said...

Your rose turned out gorgeous, it will look fantastic framed up. Your other WIP's are looking lovely too, and kitty in the sunbeam is very cute. They do like their warmth don't they, LOL.

Carol said...

What a gorgeous finish! Congratulations :-)

Laura said...

what a gorgeous rose...I'm sitting here sipping my expresso and I can't take my eyes off it...the same wind blew some small blossom on one of my stitched pieces once...and last but not least...adoro il tuo gatto...

Sharon said...

Hi Tina, your wip's are quite lovely-I see you are busy but a great busy. Snoopy is adorable as always.

Kathy said...

What a gorgeous finish. I love the Silver Lining Designs.

Hugs xxxxx

elenamac said...

wow the Rose look real on the fabric!
The Monthly mania it's so so cuteeeeeeeee! Congratulation for the new cousin Serena and the birth sampler will be wonderful as it's a great start!!!
Happy Easter!


Wendy said...

Gloria is lovely less the extra leaves! Terrible about those Scottish winds (LOL). I love the Monthly Mania - love anything monthly, or seasonal, or in a series. ...:-p

Anne S said...

Haha, I cracked up about your Scottish winds wreaking such havoc with your leaves! And personally I think it looks just fine without them - your Nonna's going to love it :D Love your JN squares as welll ... and your WIP's are looking great already :D

tkdchick said...

Congratulations on your SL HD that's too funny about the leaves blowing off!

Your cat is such a ham!!!

All your projects look fantastic!

Michelle said...

Gorgeous stitching! Congrats on finishing your rose - it will look beautiful all framed. The baby sampler is looking beautiful too!

lena-lou said...

This looks brilliant and I would never have known it had its leaves blown off...lol Your Nonna will love it. Congratulations on becoming an Aunt to Serena and what I can see of your Birth Sampler it is going to be lovely :-)

Hope you have had a nice Easter and your cat is such a poser ;-)

Eleni said...

What brilliant work you've been up to Tina!!! :D

Dolci Fusa said...

Hello Concetta,
just a note to let you know your link "Subscribe to this blog's feed" doesn't work.

Artystitches said...

I would never had known about the leaves the finnished piece looks great well done! nice WIP to and also cute kitty.

I love the wood in your home it looks nice and cosy.